I won the Toys R Us Millennium Falcon Extraordinaire in a contest sponsored by Rosie O'Donell for All The Kids Foundation.  It came from the Fulton St. TRU in Brooklyn, NY.  I donated $3 at the register for 3 chances.  200,000 entires, 700 models made, and I got one.  Go figure. I carried this 6x4x2ft. Falcon (scaled with the action figures) from Brooklyn, to Jersey City, to New Orleans to Metairie.  I acquired the original power cord from the store.  The front yellow light and top and bottom cannons work. I decided to paint it and light it up further in 2013.  The rear engine is lit up by blue and white , battery-powered LEDs.  It's one of the largest, accurately painted, Millennium Falcons ever.  And it's signed by Boba Fett (Jeremy Bullock) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew). $3500.

The Halcyon Facehugger - Vinyl model from 1993.  The original.  Fitted with an endoskeleton.  Wire, PVC, glue, clamps, stuffing.  Fully poseable.  Not for sale.